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Insects at the pond

On Sunday morning I woke up early. The light was amazing so I decided to take the chance to have a morning walk around my local pond. There weren't loads of birds about - the Reed Warbler I had heard on Friday was still blasting out it's rather repetitive song from its hidden spot in the reed bed, but other than that is was annoyingly quiet. However, there were lots of Black-headed Gulls about, and I decided I would try to get a backlit shot of one in flight. After about an hour of attempting this, I hadn't got anything particularly amazing, so I decided to head to the top of the pond.

At the top of the pond, there is a small area where wild plants grow. It is often full of insects, which the Chiffchaffs harvest to feed the hungry mouths in their dome-like nests. As I wandered around I saw lots of Ringlets, which are beautiful brown butterflies which emerge around June and are found until about August. I took lots of photos of these but none really had the "wow" …

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